Hydraulic is like the drug, once you pop you can stop. Constant fidelity.

Passion is my profession.

My 1st XM was Y3 Turbo Diesel 2.1. (1992) Great car, not too many extras, diesel, but fast and reliable, except for the famous BOSH pump which (according to Bosh) should start to leek at about 200.000 Km. What a crap from the "leader" in the diesel technology. Anyway, I made in 2 Years more than 60.000 Km and had to change just a watter pump (46 €). I bought the car with 180.000 Km and I've sold it on the second day I've advertised it at autoscout24.de with 245.000 Km.

The 2nd XM was Y3 Injection 2.0 (1991). Many extras inside. I've made 58.000 in two years and only thing that went broken was one tiny rubber ring (6 €) I gave him ordinary maintenance during the period. I've bought the car with 155.000 Km for 1.180 € and I'd sold it for 1.000 € at 215.000 Km.

The 3rd XM and the current is Y4 Turbo C.T. VSX and this one will stay with me forever as an oldy. I've paid it 4.000 € with 90.000 Km on the odometer. It has 90% of extras and the 10% I don't need. With 150 PS and constant torque it can show the ass to all BMW in his class of 2 L engine and he is doing so. In 1,5 years I have made 54.000 KM and did change only clutch wire (70€).

For all of you who don't appreciate new technology from Citroen go away and discover hot watter again.

There ain't a car in the XM class with his extras, with the pleasure driving on hydro active and to paid for it the price you couldn't buy a couch.

All the best to the Citroen brotherhood.