Entschuldigung, ich nur etwas Deutsch spreche, ich soll mehr lernen. Viele Grusse aus Oberschlesien !
I own a 85 Dodge Daytona and I've owned a 86 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z (145PS). Now, my 85 Daytona is fully converted to 88 Turbo 2 (intercooled 177PS). The car is fully loaded, and it runs great. But we have to take care about turbo - every 5k km change the oil. I think the mobil one is not the best choice, I've seen a couple of such motors that was cracked - because of the oil, the main bearings tend to turn, during fast acceleration (on older motors - of course) - so do not use Mobil One. Some of older models tend to rust, but of course it also depends on the owner.
Anyway, I am rather happy owner. I really love Chrysler's 2.2/2.5 FWD!!